What is the biggest problem with a Drip Coffee Machine? 

What is the biggest problem with a Drip Coffee Machine? 

There are a lot of people who complain that their drip brewer is behaving oddly and they blame the problem on their brewer but then it is not only the fault of the brewer it is the fault of the owner as well, how? people buy brewers and then use them every single day and actually do not clean them. yes, cleaning is very important, your brewer won’t fall sick if you clean it every now and then. 

For instance, the tubes in your brewer can easily get clogged due to calcium if you would regularly clean it won’t happen now that your brewer’s tubes are clogged you need to run some vinegar plus water solution through them. If the one-way  valve of your brewer is clogged then simply use a toothpick . Some might complain that the water is not flowing properly into the brewer again the reason is the blockage so the solution is the same as mentioned above 

Now let’s talk about the most common problem some complain that now they have a mopping job as their brewer is leaking, brewers leak because of gasket, the gasket needs to be in a perfect condition if it is not in a perfect condition or if it is not there at all it will result in leakage so you know what you need to do when your brewer leaks go to the market buy a new seal aka gasket and place it next to the needle. 

another problem that people come across is that their brewer is brewing very less amount of coffee this happens when the waterline of your brewer gets clogged, the solution is not complex all you need to do is brew only water in your brewer for four times only water, which mean no coffee and do not forget to clean your brewer’s needle. 

People need to understand that the way they are, is the same way these machines are, the way we fall sick these machines to fall sick, why do we fall sick? we fall sick when some bacterias attack us the same is with these ninja coffee bar reviews, so to keep them away from the bacterias we need to clean them regularly after every use one must whip the interior of the brewer and every three to four months one must clean the brewer deeply 

How? it is not a very big task all you need to do is disassemble it, remove all the removable parts wash them, use a towel to dry them and assemble it back after it take a glass fill it half way through with vineager and half way with water, pour this soultion into your brewer and turn it on after a while turn it over and leave the solution in it only again after sixty minutes turn it on and let it brew, repeat this twice and then throw the solution and pour fresh water and turn it on again. that’s all after this your brewer would be free of germs. 

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