Stuffed Toast in Copper Chef Pan

Stuffed Toast in Copper Chef Pan

Copper chef pan is a square shaped pan which can be used on a stove, induction and even in an oven, you can even wash it in a dishwasher, here are some recipes you would love. 


  • Honey   
  • Cream cheese    
  • Bread   
  • Oil  (Preferably  Canola ) 
  • Cup  milk   
  • Cinnamon   
  • Nutmeg   
  • Flour   
  • Baking Powder   
  • Eggs   
  • Teaspoon  salt   



  • Take a large bowl and add eggs  Honey, cream cheese, Bread, oil, milk, cinnamon, Nutmeg, flour, Baking Powder, and Eggs after adding all the ingredients, use a hand blender to mix these ingredients properly after blending your batter would be ready. it’s time to make a sandwich using cream cheese and honey, once you are done making honey cream cheese sandwich use a knife and cut. 
  • Time to place your favorite copper chef pan on your stove or induction, add oil and once the oil reaches 350 degrees start dipping all the pieces of the sandwich into your batter and then place it in the pan, after three to four minutes you will notice that the sandwiches are turning golden once they turn golden take time out and use tissues to remove extra oil 
  • Place them on a plate, cut some bananas to garnish these sandwiches, place the pieces of the bananas on these sandwiches while serving, serve with sugar powder.  

Beef burger  


  • Chopped Meat   
  • Olive oil   
  •  Mustard  (preferably yellow) 
  •  Ketchup   
  •  Sauce (preferably Worcestershire) 
  • Diced and seeded Green Pepper 
  • Diced and peeled Onion 
  • Minced Garlic (How-to)


  • Take your copper chef pan reviews and place it on your stove, turn your stove on after two minutes add oil and allow the oil to reach the right temperature, once it is at the right temperature which not too hot not too cold add chopped meat, cook it until it changes color once the meat is cooked add garlic and after half a minute add onions, lower the level of heat and add mustard and ketchup. place the glass lid on the pan and leave for ten minutes, after ten minutes turn your stove off. 
  • Transfer all the meat to a bowl, clean your copper chef pan and again place it on your stove, once at the optimal temperature cut hamburger rolls into two equal parts and add place them on the pan after sixty seconds turn your stove off and serve your meat with these hamburgers.



  •  bay leaf  (preferably fresh) 
  •  Garlic Cloves 
  •  peppercorns   
  •  cloves (whole) 
  •   sauce (preferably Worcestershire) 
  •  shrimp 


Place your Gotham steel pan reviews on your stove and add water to your copper chef pan let the water reach the optimal level then add garlic, cloves, sauce and black peppercorns. time to attach the steaming rack, increase the level of heat while the water is boiling you must skewer your shrimp, time to cook your shrimp when they turn pink turn your stove off this would take about four to five minutes while serving, serve with sauce. 

This is all with the recipes, we hope you liked them we are as always open to suggestions do not forget to leave us some comments below. 

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