Shrimp and Fried Noodles in Copper chef pan

Shrimp and Fried Noodles in Copper chef pan

Copper chef pan is a square pan which is free of chemicals yes it is free of PTFE and even PFOA and the handle this pan has is super comfortable one more thing it not only gives you extra space to cook but it even heats up to Eight Hundred and fifty degrees. You can use it in an oven and even on an induction, this pan not only works beautifully it even makes your kitchen look beautiful. People have dream cars this pan is a dream cookware as it can easily replace six other cookware. 


Shrimp and Fried Noodles 


  •   peeled shrimp  
  •   sauce  ( preferably Teriyaki ) 
  •   Sake wine   
  • Minced  garlic  
  • Minced  ginger  
  •  Pepper  ( preferably white ) 
  •   chili oil   
  •   vegetables  (stir-fried ) 
  • egg noodle  ( preferably thin ) 
  •    Oil  ( preferably Canola ) 

Directions – 

The very first thing that you need to do is check if your pan is clean if it is clean then you can carry on and if you wash it in your dishwasher then the first thing you need to do is season it as it is very clearly mentioned in the instruction book which comes with the copper chef pans. if you do not know how to season then let me help you for seasoning you need heat, place your copper chef pan on your stove for about thirty minutes and then place it on your kitchen shelf put some oil and use towel preferably paper towel to wipe it. that’s all with the seasoning. 

coming back to the recipe.  

first step – 

place your pan on your induction, turn your induction on and once you feel the pan has turned a little hot add oil in it once you feel that the oil is hot add your shrimp to it, you need to sear your shrimps that too on both the sides ( just for one minute ). 

once done with the searing add ginger, garlic, and vegetables. stir well 

after a while add wine for deglazing after thirty seconds reduce mirin by almost half. after reducing wine add sauce to the pan once it starts boiling stir and then toss after tossing take a bowl and transfer your shrimps to it as they are ready. 

Now it’s time to make noodles, clean your copper chef pan, wipe out all the water with a paper towel and after it add oil once the oil is at the right temperature add noodles and when you add noodles do not forget it needs to form the shape of a pancake, see if your noodles have turned crispy if yes then flip and when you feel that the other side is also crispy turn off your induction and remove any extra oil left in the noodles. place your shrimps on the top. your dish is ready. 

This is all with the dish do tell us if you liked it or if you have any suggestions which can make these lovely shrimps more lovely, we are always open to suggestion because we too love eating delicious food. 




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