How to Prepare Your Skin Before Shave

How to Prepare Your Skin Before Shave

The need to prepare your skin before shave- 

if you use oil before shaving this act of yours can help your razor’s glide which would simply result in a perfect shave as lesser the pressure, more is the possibility of a better result. The glide of your razor gives you more control of the situation and of how your beard would look after the shaving is done. how much oil should you use? not more not less just the optimal level (the optimal level varies depending on the skin type) 

now we know what one should do before the shave but what about after the shape? 

after shaving clean loses moisture to bring it back one must use AFTER-SHAVE BALM people who do not use a balm after shaving feel itchiness on their face and then they scratch and scratching leads to bacteria and bacteria result into redness on the skin and even irritation. in winters the outcome of not using an aftershave balm can be toleratable but in winters aftershave is a must. 

now we even know what one should do after shaving but what about shaving?  

shaving with a straight razor is no less than fighting a battle as shaving with it requires patience, skill and technique people end up gets cuts but after some time it results in wonderful shave and gives the same feeling that one gets after winning a battle. 

let’s divide the technique of shaving with a straight razor into 5 parts 

  1. Preparation-  preparation has nothing to do with knowing how to make a bomb it’s just all about preparing your delicate clean as it is going to face a razor as sharp as knife used in your kitchen
  2. The way of holding-  Holding a razor itself has a technique just the way holding a gun has, both the gun and the straight razor have a particular angle at which they need to be held I do not know about the gun’s angle but I do know about the angle at which one needs to hold this straight razor, the correct angle is of thirty degrees (30 Degree)
  3. The very 1st stroke- your first ever stroke needs to be a slant which is downwards near your ear, make sure it is even and short no place for chopping and jerks
  4. Your Upper lip and your chin are very special – your upper lip and your chin are the areas where you need to be gentle and because they are fragile never ever use a new stroke, start from some other area and then reach your chin or upper lip
  5. Your neck and your lower lip have their own needs-4

you need to keep your skin tight and wide, you can do this by adjusting mouth you can use your tongue too to tighten your skin. 

  1. Moisturizing your skin –

After shaving moisturizing your skin is very important as shaving results into open pores and open pores are easily attacked by bacterias so to avoid irritation and redness on your face moisturize it. 

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