Desirable cup of coffee

Desirable cup of coffee

Everyone in the morning desires a good cup of coffee and that is one of the biggest reason why people save and then buy one of the best coffee makers, after all this who would expect an unsavory cup of coffee early in the morning let me answer this nobody, when nobody expects or wishes for it then why does it happen? it happens because of our own fault we do invest in a coffee brewer but that’s all we do we do not take care of our coffee makers they are machines they require regular cleaning which we do not do and then when the brewer starts behaving oddly we start complaining so this article is all about the problems one can face with a brewer and it is about the solutions as well. 

One can face multiple problems with a brewer, for instance, the brewer might just not brew, it might not turn on or might just turn on or off on its own as if your decision does not matter, the most common problem with brewers is of leaking and sometimes the problem is of taste. 

let’s talk about the most common problem – WATER LEAKING 

Leaking can appear due to the gasket, why? gaskets are very notorious they can easily go missing or the installation can be inaccurate. 

To fix this problem you need to know where the gasket is located, All Keurig machines have a puncture needle and the gasket is always around it. As I before mentioned gaskets can be notorious they can go missing if your machines’ gasket is missing then you will have to buy a new one or if it is not missing then check if it is at the right place, the seal needs to perfect or else you will be indulged the mopping job so the best thing you can do is to set the seal properly as the seal is the only reason for leaking. 


Now let’s talk about the biggest disaster – NOT BREWING AT ALL 

So how would you feel if your brewer stops brewing at all? I know it won’t be a nice feeling at all. your brewing can stop brewing if you use it regularly and do not clean it. each and every brewer requires deep cleaning every 3-4 months. 

So the solution is in front of you start cleaning your brewer you can use water plus vinegar solution, you have to soak your precious brewer in this  descaling solution for about forty to forty-five minutes 

After forty, forty-five minutes throw the vinegar solution and use fresh and clean water to clean your brewer, And do not forget to clean the dispensing line, you can use a straw to clean it all you have to do is blow some air. This is all about the main problems which one can face with his or her brewer, do not forget to clean your brewer every now then to avoid such problem and cleaning can actually expand the lifespan. 

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