Christmas With Irish Coffee

Christmas With Irish Coffee

For Irish coffee is said to be one of the Christmas drinks as it has 2 of the most wanted things in it alcohol is the number and warmth is the number 2 

There are a couple of stories about Irish coffee one story says that it was  invented by barman joe in 1942 at the Foynes airport to warm the passengers who were in a plane which had to take a U-turn simply all because of very bad weather condition  

another says it was invented by V Gallagher who was a professor in Harvard this story states that it was not invented at any airport but in Dublin. 


The mixture needs to be dense and denser mixture we need the right amount of sugar and strong coffee 

now that we know so much about the coffee lets know how it is made so here is the recipe 

Ingredients needed – 

  • whiskey ( preferably Irish ) 
  • water 
  • coffee 
  • sugar 

You need a glass which is heatproof so that you can directly add hot water to the glass, so the first step is to heat water and then fill your glass with it and then keep it aside for a while. time to whip some cream, once all the bubbles start disappearing stop as when the bubbles disappear ribbons start to form underneath so once you see the bubbles stop and place it in your fridge.  

Take a pan add two tablespoons of water in it and sugar when you see bubbles turn your stove off as the sugar has dissolved. 

Add whiskey to the sugar solution and then add coffee, time to take your whipped cream out of your fridge and do not forget to whisk once more, add it to the sugar solution and even add nutmeg on the top, do not just add it grate it and then add it. 

Serve it hot.  

  1. If you do not like this coffee then you must go with the simple one 
  2. Take a pan and place it on your stove turn it on and add water, keep the water extra  
  3. Once the water starts boiling add coffee, add as much coffee as you want your coffee, if you like light coffee then add according to that.
  4. Increase the level of heat and place lid over the pan to cover it, wait for five minutes.
  5. After five minutes turn off the stove and transfer your delicious coffee to your glass.
  6. if you like creamy coffee then boil some milk.
  7. Take a glass and add sugar and coffee to it and apart from these two add a few drops of water, use a spoon to blend these three ingredients you can even use a hand blender to blend it take one more cup and place it on your kitchen shelf add some coffee and then add the cream you just made, mix them and add some milk and again mix them properly after half a minute add hot milk in it, that’s all your delicious creamy coffee is ready 

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