Candy Corn Crepe Cake in Copper Chef Pans

Candy Corn Crepe Cake in Copper Chef Pans

 Copper chef pan is no usual pan it is a pan which can do anything, it can steam it can bake when I say anything I mean anything. copper chef pan not only claims to take place of 6diferent cookware in your kitchen but also assures healthy lifestyle as copper chef pan is free of chemicals no PTFE no PFOA, no chemicals at all, you can wash it in a dishwasher and cook without oil in it. you can use it on a gas stove, on your induction and even in your oven. with all this, it makes sure that there is an equal distribution of heat so that there are no hot spots. 



let’s make a cake in the copper chef pan 


  •  milk   
  •  Eggs   
  •   salt   
  •  sugar   
  •  flour   
  •  cream   
  •  flavoring     
  •  food coloring  ( yellow and orange ) 
  •  Candy corn   

Method :

First of all, we need to make the crepes for making crepes we need a blender, in your blender add eggs, sugar, milk, and salt. blend for half a minute after it add pulse and flour and then blend again while the blender is running add butter and blend for another sixty seconds. 

Place your copper chef pan on your induction and add your batter in it, time to swirl your pan so that it (batter) can be evenly spread, cook for about two to three minutes and after 3 minutes flip your crepe and cook for half a minutes and flip again and cook for fifteen seconds. Take a plate and transfer your yummy crepe to the plate. 

While your crepe is cooling down let’s work on the whipped cream so for making the whipped cream you need a bowl of medium to large size, in your bowl add sugar, flavoring, and heavy cream with the help of a hand blender, blend it after blending you need to divide this whipped cream into 3 different bowls. 

As you divided whipped cream into 3 different bowls pick one and simply add food coloring (the yellow one ) and calmly fold, pick another bowl and again add food coloring ( This time orange one ) and once more with all the gentleness fold into your whipped cream. 

Time to build our to-be beautiful cake, take a serving dish and place one layer of crepe on it and on this layer place yellow cream and on the yellow whipped cream layer place another layer of crepe. we need six to seven layers in total, three of yellow and three of orange whipped cream for making these layers you need to repeat the steps mentioned above once you are done with making the layers you need to garnish your cake to make it look even more beautiful for it take some whipped cream and spread it on the top and with this cream place some candy corn too, that’s all for the cake. 

We are open to suggestions so feel free to give suggestions in the comment box below and do tell us if there is something else that we can add to this recipe. 

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