Stuffed Toast in Copper Chef Pan

Stuffed Toast in Copper Chef Pan

Copper chef pan is a square shaped pan which can be used on a stove, induction and even in an oven, you can even wash it in a dishwasher, here are some recipes you would love. 


  • Honey   
  • Cream cheese    
  • Bread   
  • Oil  (Preferably  Canola ) 
  • Cup  milk   
  • Cinnamon   
  • Nutmeg   
  • Flour   
  • Baking Powder   
  • Eggs   
  • Teaspoon  salt   



  • Take a large bowl and add eggs  Honey, cream cheese, Bread, oil, milk, cinnamon, Nutmeg, flour, Baking Powder, and Eggs after adding all the ingredients, use a hand blender to mix these ingredients properly after blending your batter would be ready. it’s time to make a sandwich using cream cheese and honey, once you are done making honey cream cheese sandwich use a knife and cut. 
  • Time to place your favorite copper chef pan on your stove or induction, add oil and once the oil reaches 350 degrees start dipping all the pieces of the sandwich into your batter and then place it in the pan, after three to four minutes you will notice that the sandwiches are turning golden once they turn golden take time out and use tissues to remove extra oil 
  • Place them on a plate, cut some bananas to garnish these sandwiches, place the pieces of the bananas on these sandwiches while serving, serve with sugar powder.  

Beef burger  


  • Chopped Meat   
  • Olive oil   
  •  Mustard  (preferably yellow) 
  •  Ketchup   
  •  Sauce (preferably Worcestershire) 
  • Diced and seeded Green Pepper 
  • Diced and peeled Onion 
  • Minced Garlic (How-to)


  • Take your copper chef pan reviews and place it on your stove, turn your stove on after two minutes add oil and allow the oil to reach the right temperature, once it is at the right temperature which not too hot not too cold add chopped meat, cook it until it changes color once the meat is cooked add garlic and after half a minute add onions, lower the level of heat and add mustard and ketchup. place the glass lid on the pan and leave for ten minutes, after ten minutes turn your stove off. 
  • Transfer all the meat to a bowl, clean your copper chef pan and again place it on your stove, once at the optimal temperature cut hamburger rolls into two equal parts and add place them on the pan after sixty seconds turn your stove off and serve your meat with these hamburgers.



  •  bay leaf  (preferably fresh) 
  •  Garlic Cloves 
  •  peppercorns   
  •  cloves (whole) 
  •   sauce (preferably Worcestershire) 
  •  shrimp 


Place your Gotham steel pan reviews on your stove and add water to your copper chef pan let the water reach the optimal level then add garlic, cloves, sauce and black peppercorns. time to attach the steaming rack, increase the level of heat while the water is boiling you must skewer your shrimp, time to cook your shrimp when they turn pink turn your stove off this would take about four to five minutes while serving, serve with sauce. 

This is all with the recipes, we hope you liked them we are as always open to suggestions do not forget to leave us some comments below. 

Homemade Beef Jerkey on a Pellet Smoker

Homemade Beef Jerkey on a Pellet Smoker

For all you meat lovers out there, we are back with a lip-smacking home-made recipe with your favorite appliance to work with – the pellet smoker! If you’re unsure about which smoker brand to go for, check out this comparison on Solidgoldeats website. It is always a fun idea to invite a few people over on the weekend to spend some quality time together. But any get together is incomplete without a delicious plate of food. No wonder cooking for a group of 10 or more people is a tough task, but when it is about home-made beef jerky, things get easier and life, better!

An overnight recipe that will not cost you a lot of time, this is the perfect meal for a casual meet and greet or a born-fire with your mates. Easy to make and great in taste, let us start making our long awaited BEEF JERKEY on a pellet smoker!

Difficulty level: easy

Time is taken to prepare: 15 minutes

Time is taken to cook: about 4 to 5 hours

Servings: 4 to 6 people

Appliance required: pellet smoker

What is needed?

  • Bottled dark beer
  • 1 cup of soy sauce
  • Tamari soy sauce (a blend of tamarind, soy sauce, white vinegar, and cloves)
  • 3 tablespoon of brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • Pepper
  • ½-1 tablespoon of garlic salt
  • 4 tablespoon of ground black pepper
  • 2 lbs beef

How to cook:

  1. Take a mixing bowl and start combining beer, soy sauce, tamari soy sauce, brown sugar, salt, garlic salt, normal pepper, and about 2 tablespoons of black pepper.
  2. Take a sharp knife and trim any fat off the meat, if any. Start slicing the beef into strips of approximately ¼ inches thick. This will be an easy method if the meat is somewhat frozen.
  3. Put the slices of beef into a plastic pouch and pour the whole marinade mixture over it.
  4. Massage the bag in a way that all the slices are generously coated with the marinade.
  5. Seal the plastic bag and put it inside the refrigerator overnight.
  6. After a night of cooling, now it is time to cook the beef. Start your pellet griller on the smoke setting with the lid open and wait for it to establish the fire. This will take approximately 4-5 minutes.
  7. Once it catches fire, take out the beef from the plastic bag and dispose of the extra marinade.
  8. Pat dry the beef with the help of [paper towels to wipe off any extra coating of the marinade which is not required.
  9. Now sprinkle a generous amount of black pepper on both sides of the beef slices.
  10. Arrange the meat in a single line on the grates.
  11. Smoke the beef for a good 4 to 5 hours. Keep smoking it on the pellet smoker till the meat is dry but still chewy and is easily bent.
  12. Move the meat in a plastic bag again and let it sit at room temperature for a few hours before eating.
  13. Serve warm with a side of Worcestershire sauce!
What is the biggest problem with a Drip Coffee Machine? 

What is the biggest problem with a Drip Coffee Machine? 

There are a lot of people who complain that their drip brewer is behaving oddly and they blame the problem on their brewer but then it is not only the fault of the brewer it is the fault of the owner as well, how? people buy brewers and then use them every single day and actually do not clean them. yes, cleaning is very important, your brewer won’t fall sick if you clean it every now and then. 

For instance, the tubes in your brewer can easily get clogged due to calcium if you would regularly clean it won’t happen now that your brewer’s tubes are clogged you need to run some vinegar plus water solution through them. If the one-way  valve of your brewer is clogged then simply use a toothpick . Some might complain that the water is not flowing properly into the brewer again the reason is the blockage so the solution is the same as mentioned above 

Now let’s talk about the most common problem some complain that now they have a mopping job as their brewer is leaking, brewers leak because of gasket, the gasket needs to be in a perfect condition if it is not in a perfect condition or if it is not there at all it will result in leakage so you know what you need to do when your brewer leaks go to the market buy a new seal aka gasket and place it next to the needle. 

another problem that people come across is that their brewer is brewing very less amount of coffee this happens when the waterline of your brewer gets clogged, the solution is not complex all you need to do is brew only water in your brewer for four times only water, which mean no coffee and do not forget to clean your brewer’s needle. 

People need to understand that the way they are, is the same way these machines are, the way we fall sick these machines to fall sick, why do we fall sick? we fall sick when some bacterias attack us the same is with these ninja coffee bar reviews, so to keep them away from the bacterias we need to clean them regularly after every use one must whip the interior of the brewer and every three to four months one must clean the brewer deeply 

How? it is not a very big task all you need to do is disassemble it, remove all the removable parts wash them, use a towel to dry them and assemble it back after it take a glass fill it half way through with vineager and half way with water, pour this soultion into your brewer and turn it on after a while turn it over and leave the solution in it only again after sixty minutes turn it on and let it brew, repeat this twice and then throw the solution and pour fresh water and turn it on again. that’s all after this your brewer would be free of germs. 

Candy Corn Crepe Cake in Copper Chef Pans

Candy Corn Crepe Cake in Copper Chef Pans

 Copper chef pan is no usual pan it is a pan which can do anything, it can steam it can bake when I say anything I mean anything. copper chef pan not only claims to take place of 6diferent cookware in your kitchen but also assures healthy lifestyle as copper chef pan is free of chemicals no PTFE no PFOA, no chemicals at all, you can wash it in a dishwasher and cook without oil in it. you can use it on a gas stove, on your induction and even in your oven. with all this, it makes sure that there is an equal distribution of heat so that there are no hot spots. 



let’s make a cake in the copper chef pan 


  •  milk   
  •  Eggs   
  •   salt   
  •  sugar   
  •  flour   
  •  cream   
  •  flavoring     
  •  food coloring  ( yellow and orange ) 
  •  Candy corn   

Method :

First of all, we need to make the crepes for making crepes we need a blender, in your blender add eggs, sugar, milk, and salt. blend for half a minute after it add pulse and flour and then blend again while the blender is running add butter and blend for another sixty seconds. 

Place your copper chef pan on your induction and add your batter in it, time to swirl your pan so that it (batter) can be evenly spread, cook for about two to three minutes and after 3 minutes flip your crepe and cook for half a minutes and flip again and cook for fifteen seconds. Take a plate and transfer your yummy crepe to the plate. 

While your crepe is cooling down let’s work on the whipped cream so for making the whipped cream you need a bowl of medium to large size, in your bowl add sugar, flavoring, and heavy cream with the help of a hand blender, blend it after blending you need to divide this whipped cream into 3 different bowls. 

As you divided whipped cream into 3 different bowls pick one and simply add food coloring (the yellow one ) and calmly fold, pick another bowl and again add food coloring ( This time orange one ) and once more with all the gentleness fold into your whipped cream. 

Time to build our to-be beautiful cake, take a serving dish and place one layer of crepe on it and on this layer place yellow cream and on the yellow whipped cream layer place another layer of crepe. we need six to seven layers in total, three of yellow and three of orange whipped cream for making these layers you need to repeat the steps mentioned above once you are done with making the layers you need to garnish your cake to make it look even more beautiful for it take some whipped cream and spread it on the top and with this cream place some candy corn too, that’s all for the cake. 

We are open to suggestions so feel free to give suggestions in the comment box below and do tell us if there is something else that we can add to this recipe. 

How to Prepare Your Skin Before Shave

How to Prepare Your Skin Before Shave

The need to prepare your skin before shave- 

if you use oil before shaving this act of yours can help your razor’s glide which would simply result in a perfect shave as lesser the pressure, more is the possibility of a better result. The glide of your razor gives you more control of the situation and of how your beard would look after the shaving is done. how much oil should you use? not more not less just the optimal level (the optimal level varies depending on the skin type) 

now we know what one should do before the shave but what about after the shape? 

after shaving clean loses moisture to bring it back one must use AFTER-SHAVE BALM people who do not use a balm after shaving feel itchiness on their face and then they scratch and scratching leads to bacteria and bacteria result into redness on the skin and even irritation. in winters the outcome of not using an aftershave balm can be toleratable but in winters aftershave is a must. 

now we even know what one should do after shaving but what about shaving?  

shaving with a straight razor is no less than fighting a battle as shaving with it requires patience, skill and technique people end up gets cuts but after some time it results in wonderful shave and gives the same feeling that one gets after winning a battle. 

let’s divide the technique of shaving with a straight razor into 5 parts 

  1. Preparation-  preparation has nothing to do with knowing how to make a bomb it’s just all about preparing your delicate clean as it is going to face a razor as sharp as knife used in your kitchen
  2. The way of holding-  Holding a razor itself has a technique just the way holding a gun has, both the gun and the straight razor have a particular angle at which they need to be held I do not know about the gun’s angle but I do know about the angle at which one needs to hold this straight razor, the correct angle is of thirty degrees (30 Degree)
  3. The very 1st stroke- your first ever stroke needs to be a slant which is downwards near your ear, make sure it is even and short no place for chopping and jerks
  4. Your Upper lip and your chin are very special – your upper lip and your chin are the areas where you need to be gentle and because they are fragile never ever use a new stroke, start from some other area and then reach your chin or upper lip
  5. Your neck and your lower lip have their own needs-4

you need to keep your skin tight and wide, you can do this by adjusting mouth you can use your tongue too to tighten your skin. 

  1. Moisturizing your skin –

After shaving moisturizing your skin is very important as shaving results into open pores and open pores are easily attacked by bacterias so to avoid irritation and redness on your face moisturize it. 

Christmas With Irish Coffee

Christmas With Irish Coffee

For Irish coffee is said to be one of the Christmas drinks as it has 2 of the most wanted things in it alcohol is the number and warmth is the number 2 

There are a couple of stories about Irish coffee one story says that it was  invented by barman joe in 1942 at the Foynes airport to warm the passengers who were in a plane which had to take a U-turn simply all because of very bad weather condition  

another says it was invented by V Gallagher who was a professor in Harvard this story states that it was not invented at any airport but in Dublin. 


The mixture needs to be dense and denser mixture we need the right amount of sugar and strong coffee 

now that we know so much about the coffee lets know how it is made so here is the recipe 

Ingredients needed – 

  • whiskey ( preferably Irish ) 
  • water 
  • coffee 
  • sugar 

You need a glass which is heatproof so that you can directly add hot water to the glass, so the first step is to heat water and then fill your glass with it and then keep it aside for a while. time to whip some cream, once all the bubbles start disappearing stop as when the bubbles disappear ribbons start to form underneath so once you see the bubbles stop and place it in your fridge.  

Take a pan add two tablespoons of water in it and sugar when you see bubbles turn your stove off as the sugar has dissolved. 

Add whiskey to the sugar solution and then add coffee, time to take your whipped cream out of your fridge and do not forget to whisk once more, add it to the sugar solution and even add nutmeg on the top, do not just add it grate it and then add it. 

Serve it hot.  

  1. If you do not like this coffee then you must go with the simple one 
  2. Take a pan and place it on your stove turn it on and add water, keep the water extra  
  3. Once the water starts boiling add coffee, add as much coffee as you want your coffee, if you like light coffee then add according to that.
  4. Increase the level of heat and place lid over the pan to cover it, wait for five minutes.
  5. After five minutes turn off the stove and transfer your delicious coffee to your glass.
  6. if you like creamy coffee then boil some milk.
  7. Take a glass and add sugar and coffee to it and apart from these two add a few drops of water, use a spoon to blend these three ingredients you can even use a hand blender to blend it take one more cup and place it on your kitchen shelf add some coffee and then add the cream you just made, mix them and add some milk and again mix them properly after half a minute add hot milk in it, that’s all your delicious creamy coffee is ready 
Shrimp and Fried Noodles in Copper chef pan

Shrimp and Fried Noodles in Copper chef pan

Copper chef pan is a square pan which is free of chemicals yes it is free of PTFE and even PFOA and the handle this pan has is super comfortable one more thing it not only gives you extra space to cook but it even heats up to Eight Hundred and fifty degrees. You can use it in an oven and even on an induction, this pan not only works beautifully it even makes your kitchen look beautiful. People have dream cars this pan is a dream cookware as it can easily replace six other cookware. 


Shrimp and Fried Noodles 


  •   peeled shrimp  
  •   sauce  ( preferably Teriyaki ) 
  •   Sake wine   
  • Minced  garlic  
  • Minced  ginger  
  •  Pepper  ( preferably white ) 
  •   chili oil   
  •   vegetables  (stir-fried ) 
  • egg noodle  ( preferably thin ) 
  •    Oil  ( preferably Canola ) 

Directions – 

The very first thing that you need to do is check if your pan is clean if it is clean then you can carry on and if you wash it in your dishwasher then the first thing you need to do is season it as it is very clearly mentioned in the instruction book which comes with the copper chef pans. if you do not know how to season then let me help you for seasoning you need heat, place your copper chef pan on your stove for about thirty minutes and then place it on your kitchen shelf put some oil and use towel preferably paper towel to wipe it. that’s all with the seasoning. 

coming back to the recipe.  

first step – 

place your pan on your induction, turn your induction on and once you feel the pan has turned a little hot add oil in it once you feel that the oil is hot add your shrimp to it, you need to sear your shrimps that too on both the sides ( just for one minute ). 

once done with the searing add ginger, garlic, and vegetables. stir well 

after a while add wine for deglazing after thirty seconds reduce mirin by almost half. after reducing wine add sauce to the pan once it starts boiling stir and then toss after tossing take a bowl and transfer your shrimps to it as they are ready. 

Now it’s time to make noodles, clean your copper chef pan, wipe out all the water with a paper towel and after it add oil once the oil is at the right temperature add noodles and when you add noodles do not forget it needs to form the shape of a pancake, see if your noodles have turned crispy if yes then flip and when you feel that the other side is also crispy turn off your induction and remove any extra oil left in the noodles. place your shrimps on the top. your dish is ready. 

This is all with the dish do tell us if you liked it or if you have any suggestions which can make these lovely shrimps more lovely, we are always open to suggestion because we too love eating delicious food. 




Desirable cup of coffee

Desirable cup of coffee

Everyone in the morning desires a good cup of coffee and that is one of the biggest reason why people save and then buy one of the best coffee makers, after all this who would expect an unsavory cup of coffee early in the morning let me answer this nobody, when nobody expects or wishes for it then why does it happen? it happens because of our own fault we do invest in a coffee brewer but that’s all we do we do not take care of our coffee makers they are machines they require regular cleaning which we do not do and then when the brewer starts behaving oddly we start complaining so this article is all about the problems one can face with a brewer and it is about the solutions as well. 

One can face multiple problems with a brewer, for instance, the brewer might just not brew, it might not turn on or might just turn on or off on its own as if your decision does not matter, the most common problem with brewers is of leaking and sometimes the problem is of taste. 

let’s talk about the most common problem – WATER LEAKING 

Leaking can appear due to the gasket, why? gaskets are very notorious they can easily go missing or the installation can be inaccurate. 

To fix this problem you need to know where the gasket is located, All Keurig machines have a puncture needle and the gasket is always around it. As I before mentioned gaskets can be notorious they can go missing if your machines’ gasket is missing then you will have to buy a new one or if it is not missing then check if it is at the right place, the seal needs to perfect or else you will be indulged the mopping job so the best thing you can do is to set the seal properly as the seal is the only reason for leaking. 


Now let’s talk about the biggest disaster – NOT BREWING AT ALL 

So how would you feel if your brewer stops brewing at all? I know it won’t be a nice feeling at all. your brewing can stop brewing if you use it regularly and do not clean it. each and every brewer requires deep cleaning every 3-4 months. 

So the solution is in front of you start cleaning your brewer you can use water plus vinegar solution, you have to soak your precious brewer in this  descaling solution for about forty to forty-five minutes 

After forty, forty-five minutes throw the vinegar solution and use fresh and clean water to clean your brewer, And do not forget to clean the dispensing line, you can use a straw to clean it all you have to do is blow some air. This is all about the main problems which one can face with his or her brewer, do not forget to clean your brewer every now then to avoid such problem and cleaning can actually expand the lifespan.